Jason Amada

Online Reseller-Amazon/Ebay Store

About Me

Jason Amada is continuously looking for new methods to learn. Amada grew raised in NYC, not a typical American town. Both Forest Hills and Upper West Side were his homes.

This ambition led Jason Amada to start his online e-commerce enterprise concentrating on Amazon and eBay. He could combine his skills while being his boss, establishing his hours, and running his own business.

For example, in New York City, Jason Amada has built his version of the tiny American businessman. The old-fashioned shop, counter, and actual store concept aren't as technologically advanced as Amada's. The e-commerce store simplifies Amada's life. Amada uses computers instead of managing 50 jobs each day on a store floor. This allows customers to explore at their leisure while Amada can focus on marketing and promotion. Essentially, he spends much more time producing value than managing and serving clients.

Jason Amada is always looking for ways to give back. He recounts his New Yorker childhood. So Amada helps kids today via community center initiatives and local groups that rely on people like Jason Amada to help the kids they serve.

Jason Amada's Baruch College business degree suited him well. In his current role as CEO of an online firm, he learns by doing, watching others, and trying out new ideas. This information can only be obtained via experience and cannot be taught in a classroom.

Jason Amada expects the Internet to continue expanding new business opportunities. The current e-commerce world is beginning to interact with the digital metaverse, and NFT is rapidly growing. The line between physical and digital goods continually blurs, and new ideas are in great demand. Jason Adama wants to be at the forefront of the new business paradigm.